Streamlined Logistics – Brokerage Services – Direct Relationships with Steel Mills and Refiners

We utilize efficient logistics and processing techniques to maximize recovery rates. We broker large volumes of recovered metal to global commodities market and have relationships with the largest steel producers, enabling us to offer our clients the best possible value for their material.

Comprehensive & Cost Effective Metal Shipments

Our facilities can ship directly by truck, rail and many can ship by water in barges or ocean going vessels, enabling us to have greater market access, keep freight costs lower and provide volume shipment on a timely basis.  It all adds up to one of the most comprehensive, efficient and environmentally safe scrap transportation systems in the industry.

Complete Domestic and Export Transportation & Logistics

Metal Scrap Bins

We come to you for routine scrap metal removal. Convenient drop off and pickup of containers and bins, sized for your operational requirements. View metal scrap bin options.


Barge capabilities utilizing rivers and international waterways provide efficient and low cost water based transport.


Rail access at many facilities provides reliable, low-cost transport over long distances of large loads to domestic steel-mills.


Efficient use of both internal and third party trucking fleets provide convenient and cost-effective transport of scrap metal.

Equipment for Collection – Transport of Scrap Metal

Our customers benefit from wide coverage, extensive and secure storage, efficient transport and a comprehensive logistics network. Our resourceful team will work closely with you to identify the most efficient and effective solutions for your operations.

Our services include: