Services to Supplement Effective Metal Scrap Recovery

We utilize efficient logistics and processing techniques to maximize recovery rates. We offer full logistics support including processing and resizing metal structures at your job site to facilitate metal removal and recycling. Convenient drop off and pick up of containers and bins simplifies metal collection.

scrap metal handling

Bin and Container Service

Containers and bins sized to meet your needs.

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Demolition Scrap

Metal scrap collection and removal from demolition sites. Bins provided.

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material handling equipment for scrap metal

Factory Dismantling

Sims provides lifting equipment, collection bins and metal debris removal.

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metal manufacturing

Certified Destruction

For proprietary metal equipment and recalled products.

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industrial site demolition

Utility Equipment

Sims can remove and recycle decommissioned metal equipment and infrastructure.

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bulk transport of scrap metal


Mixed-use bulk stevedoring services on the US east coast (Port Newark and the Port of Albany).

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Processing Capabilities

Leverage our capabilities to extract more value from your scrap.

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Transportation and Logistics

Domestic and export transportation and logistics.

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Sell Your Scrap

Tips for getting a faster and more accurate quote:

  • Take picture of your scrap
  • Provide quantity or weight estimate
  • Describe condition of scrap (mixed metal, all one material type, mixed with other waste (other than metal)
  • Include address where scrap is located

Find Your Local Yard

With over 200 Sims Metals facilities around the world, finding one near you is easier than ever.