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Sims Metal Management (SMM) operates over 200 metal recycling facilities in North America, U.K. and Australasia.

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The information on this website provides specific household information for our North America locations.  If you are looking for information about one of our U.K. or Australasia locations, please visit these websites:

United Kingdom SMM Website    Australasia SMM Website

Consumer and Household Scrap Metal

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Recycling is one of the most effective means of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.  It also preserves scarce natural resources and our dependence on landfills.

Metal in Your Home

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Recycling is important and you can get paid for your scrap metal. Below are frequently asked questions about how individuals can recycle their household metal items.

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  • This section is optional, however, providing information about quantity, condition and location of material will enable us to provide a better response to your inquiry.

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With over 200 metal recycling yards globally, we stand ready to serve you.  Most locations are open on Saturday for your convenience.

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