Scrap Cars – Trailers – Vans – Trucks – Car Shell Disposal

Sims Metal pays competitive scrap metal prices and have a range of specialized lifting and cutting equipment to facilitate efficient and safe recycling of end-of-life vehicles.

We Pay for Processed End of Life Vehicles from

  • Automobile insurance companies
  • Vehicle repair centers
  • Car part stores
  • Body shops
  • Vehicle rental centers
  • Towing services

Sims is certified to accept depolluted cars

Processed automobiles must have the following removed prior to delivery:

  • Fluids
  • Oils (motor oils, transmission fluid, power steering and brake fluid from reservoirs)
  • Fuel
  • Coolant
  • Refrigerant
  • Any other fluids required by state/local law (e.g., washer fluid, axle fluid)
  • Batteries and leaded battery cable ends (except as a separated commodity)
  • Mercury-containing convenience light switches and any other mercury containing components as required by law
  • Air bag deployment canisters
  • No trash, dirt or wastes of any type
  • Tires (except as specifically allowed by the facility)

Trailer and Obsolete Equipment Recycling

Retire your assets before they become a liability.

Get the best value for all of your obsolete equipment – trailers, cabs, dollies and more. We offer top prices and guarantee timely payment for all of your retired assets. National fleet retirement contracts can be benchmarked to a monthly price index. We own and operate 15 shredding operations across the U.S. and we guarantee timely and complete destruction of your equipment in a safe and secure environment, ensuring that your equipment does not end up in another company’s fleet. Clients are welcome to witness our turn-key recycling process at any time. Upon request, we will also provide clients with ‘Certificates of Destruction.’

Certified Scale Weights

All of our scales are State certified and most have digital outdoor weight indicators. Electronically generated scale tickets get you in and out quickly. We also provide clients with receiving lists, account summaries and other customized reports.

Supplier Information Portal

For corporate reporting and centralized account management.

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