Factory Dismantling Services

Planning to decommission one of your factories or industrial sites?

Our clients include major utilities, automotive manufacturers, supermarkets, defense facilities, telecommunications companies, oil and gas companies, hospitals, demolition contractors and a wide range of factories from small companies to multinational organizations.

Trust Sims to provide demolition, clearance, transportation and recycling of the physical plant and machinery.

Sims provides:

Efficient debris removal, bulk handling and transport of metal from jobsite

Containers and bins sized for each job

A national and global network of scrap metal recycling yards, handling equipment to ensure streamlined logistics

On-line portal to verify weights, payments and order history

Rail, truck, barge transport capabilities support our domestic handling logistics. International shipping services also available.

Support for one-time projects or multi-site decommissioning

Material removal and relocations

Benefit from the financial stability and heft of Sims

Material We Process
 rebar from demolition

Materials Accepted

  • Production equipment
  • Conveyor systems
  • Plumbing and heating components
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Air conditioning units
  • Metal buildings structures
  • Structural steel plates

 north haven metal recycling

We Provide:

  • All necessary labor
  • Removal of obsolete plant and machinery
  • On-site scrap preparation
  • Lifting and processing equipment
  • Transfer of materials via barge, truck or rail car

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