Manufacturing Scrap

Scheduled Scrap Removal - Convenient Pick-ups

Looking for a convenient program for removing the metal by-products of your manufacturing operations?

Our service to the manufacturing industry includes fast, efficient and reliable collection. Sims provides a full range of roll off containers as well as bulk tippers, flatbeds and curtain-sided vehicles as required. Sims offers:


Sims provides:

Scheduled drop off and pick up of containers and bins, based on your operational requirements

Containers and bins sized to meet your needs

On-line portal to verify weights, payments and order history

Certified destruction of sensitive and regulated defective products

Locked containers and bins for large jobs

Multi-site location support with over 200 metal scrap processing sites

Benefit from the financial stability and heft of Sims

Material We Process
 recycle scrap metal

Materials Accepted - Manufacturing Scrap

  • Metal turnings, borings, cuttings
  • Metal shearing, coils and casting
  • Metal drums, storage bins
  • Decommissioned in-plant equipment and machinery
  • Manufacturing scrap
  • Defective production parts
  • Steel, copper, aluminum, brass and more

Industries We Serve
IT asset recovery for manufacturers 

Industries Served

  • Machine shops
  • Window manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Metal fabricators
  • Packaging operations

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