Metal collection services for a myriad of commodities

baled wire

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals come in a myriad of commodities and grades and our experienced consultants are the authority on the intricacies of scrap metal recycling.

They build long-term relationships by thoroughly understanding your scrap removal and collection needs and recommending and implementing customized solutions designed to improve efficiency and increase the value of your scrap.

With more than 120 recycling facilities across North America, Sims Metal Management is conveniently located near most major scrap markets.

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Wire Chopping Services

Wire chopping, or mechanical wire recovery, is a form of wire recycling that chops and granulates wire in order to separate out different metal commodities from non-metallic, foreign materials such as plastic.

Wire scrap sources are:

  • Demolition projects
  • Dismantling sites
  • Public utilities
  • Wire and cable manufacturers

Sims Metal Management's wire chopping capabilities include: grinding copper and aluminum wire into small pellets, inspecting for foreign matter and separating plastic wire casings.

Trailer and Obsolete Equipment Recycling

Retire your assets before they become a liability.
Get the best value for all of your obsolete equipment – trailers, cabs, dollies and more. Sims Metal Management is the leading scrap metal company in North America and the world. We offer top prices and guarantee timely payment for all of your retired assets. National fleet retirement contracts can be benchmarked to a monthly price index. We own and operate 15 shredding operations across the U.S. and we guarantee timely and complete destruction of your equipment in a safe and secure environment, ensuring that your equipment does not end up in another company’s fleet. Clients are welcome to witness our turn-key recycling process at any time. Upon request, we will also provide clients with ‘Certificates of Destruction.’

Certified Scale Weights with Electronically Generated Scale Tickets – All of our scales are State certified and most have digital outdoor weight indicators. We also provide clients with receiving lists, account summaries and other customized reports.

Looking for a “strategic partner”? – Sims Metal Management is a multinational corporation, publicly traded (ASX: SGM) and SOX 404 compliant. We trade more than 14 million tons of scrap metal annually from 270 recycling operations around the globe.