Facility History

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Before being purchased by Sims Metal Management in October 2011, Providence Export--formerly Promet Marine Services Corporation--began in 1974, providing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, voyage-repair services to a variety of vessels trafficking in ports of the Northeastern United States, from Bridgeport, Connecticut, to Portland, Maine.

The mobile crews were able to service vessels while they discharged or loaded cargo in port. Additionally, vessels would tie up at Promet's deep-water shipyard in Providence, Rhode Island, for pier-side work.

During the 1980s, the market changed to tug and barge traffic, requiring less voyage maintenance. By then, Promet had developed a crew of skilled personnel, which enabled Promet to become a qualified US Navy bidder. Through 1993, the USN, stationed in Newport, RI, and in New London CT, provided the bulk of Promet's work, along with an occasional USCG vessel, fishing boat and continued voyage repair.

Anticipating this change, Promet installed a 400 metric ton Travelift in 2003 to serve a broad range of fishing boats, tugs and commuter boats from Cape May, New Jersey, to Maine. We are able to dry dock these vessels at our ship yard in Providence, RI. Combined with a growing conversion and repair business for large commercial vessels such as barges, cable layers and bulk freighters, Promet found a niche to supplement its original work of repairs to commercial vessels heading into New England ports.

Today, Providence Export provides the same high level of service that Promet Marine Services did. Our pier-side capability are vessels up to 700 feet LOA. We dry-dock up to 400 metric tons.

Promet Management

Michael Cohen, Shipyard Manager: michael.cohen@simsmm.com

Joe Bellamy, Operations Manager: joe.bellamy@simsmm.com