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We have been made aware that there have been some instances where potential applicants have been contacted by text message, email or other means by someone claiming to be representing Sims Metal Management with an offer of a work-from-home position at the Company. The person may offer to send you a check, or actually send you a check, so that you may buy equipment to use for this position.

Please be aware that Sims Metal Management does not solicit or otherwise offer work-from-home positions. And Sims would never ask you to buy equipment or otherwise pay money for your work with us, nor would Sims send you a check for such purpose.

Any email communications from Sims would only have an address ending in “”

If you have any doubts about whether an offer of a position from Sims is legitimate, please go to our website (, click on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page and ask by completing the “Contact Sims Metal Management” inquiry form.

Working for Sims Metal Management

The recycling industry plays a crucial role in the protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources and energy, supplying manufacturing with raw materials, and balancing the U.S. trade deficit.

At Sims Metal Management, we realize that this all starts with our employees. We believe our fundamental strength as a company is the experience and proficiency of our workforce. As a global leader, we are truly dedicated to providing safe workspaces for all our employees, contractors, visitors, and surrounding communities.

We employ 6,000 fantastic individuals on five continents and as the Company continues to expand, we are looking for talented people, both internally and externally, who can contribute and help grow our business. Sims offers employment in a variety of roles such as administration, business development, buying, engineering, finance, human resources, logistics, machinery and plant operation, management and supervision, marketing, operations, sales and international trading. The company offers a competitive range of benefits and working conditions and is committed to high standards of employee safety. Most of all, we offer the chance to build a rewarding and fulfilling career with the world's largest metals and electronics recycler.