Global Non-Ferrous Trading Leader

Copper wire recycled by Sims Metal Management

Sims Metal Management Asia Limited is the Group corporate subsidiary company of Sims Metal Management Limited, solely responsible for the international trading and marketing of the Company’s non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous shredder residue (Zorba and Zurich) and the non-bulk stainless steel scrap generated and processed by our yards around the world. In addition, it conducts all third party non-ferrous and stainless steel international brokerage business for the Group.

Sims Metal Management Asia Limited’s in-house Hong Kong based Global Non-Ferrous Trade (GNFT) trading team, and its other Asia-based subsidiary representative satellite offices in India, Malaysia and Vietnam, are staffed by a diverse, multi-national and multi-cultural team of trading and administrative support experts fluent in various Asian and European languages. Our GNFT Team is able to promptly service all levels of inquiries regarding our non-ferrous metals and stainless steel exports from all our yards in North America, Australasia, the U.K., Europe and the rest of the world. Additionally, Sims Metal Management Asia has the ability to service material from anywhere in the world, whether from Sims Metal Management facilities or from third party scrap non-ferrous brokerage availability.

Our Experience. The Difference. Right. Now.

Sims Metal Management Asia’s experience in international non-ferrous trading and marketing, key relationships  with consumers and other buyers of non-ferrous materials and close proximity to key markets are key assets. Based in Hong Kong and just a few miles from south China, the mega network, which includes greater China, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and other Asia nations is close and easily accessible. Additionally, Sims Metal Management Asia utilises our global network of both buyers and suppliers beyond Asia, including those in Europe, the Middle East and South America. Our rare and specialized trading skills and our use of both London Metal Exchange and Comex hedging enable us to customize both the short- and long-term needs of our trading partners with optimal flexibility and on a truly global and 24/7 basis.

As a division of Sims Metal Management, the leading publicly traded metals company in the world, Sims Metal Management Asia not only handles all of the Group’s international trading and marketing of its non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, but also houses its attendant accounting, treasury and international logistics departments in our Hong Kong main office. A full suite of administrative support activities for all of our transactions are similarly centralized to maximize efficiency and ease for our trading partners’ maximum benefit. Sims Metal Management Asia provides an unmatched level of service to customers.