The world's full-service recycler

Sims Metal Management is the world’s, as well as North America’s and Australasia’s, largest publicly traded metals and electronics recycler, with over 200 locations on five continents.

Sims Metal Management operates two primary businesses, a traditional metals recycling business and an electronics recycling business called Sims Recycling Solutions. Metals and/or electronics recycling facilities are located in countries across the globe, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, India and South Africa. In addition, Sims Municipal Recycling handles curbside materials for cities such as New York and Chicago.


Gold colored metal

Sims Metal Management

Sims Metal Management is the world’s leading metals recycler, with operations encompassing the buying, processing and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous recycled metals. The metals recycling operations are geographically diverse, with operations in five countries, including the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, comprising a network of processing facilities, many with deep-water port access, supported by an extensive network of feeder yards from which to source recyclable ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Learn more about Sims Metal Management.  


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Sims Recycling Solutions

Sims Recycling Solutions is a global e-recycling business, with established operations in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and North America and a developing presence in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa. Sims Recycling Solutions offers a comprehensive and cost-effective recycling service for “end of life” and redundant electrical and electronic equipment and materials, ranging from product assessment to recycling. Learn more about Sims Recycling Solutions. 



Sims Municipal Recycling

In 2003, Sims Metal Management expanded into curbside recycling in the United States. The company has since become a cornerstone of New York City's recycling system, processing and marketing the more than 200,000 tons of plastic, glass and metal that New Yorkers put into recycling bins each year. Moving forward, Sims Metal Management Municipal Recycling will make use of its resources and build on its experience to bring efficient and effective curbside recycling services to other municipalities across the US. Learn more about Sims Municipal Recycling.