Our Commitments and Policies

At Sims, we like to keep things simple. Our approach to sustainability governance involves a direct reporting structure and a clear structure that articulates Company policies guidance from the boardroom down to the shop floor so that every employee understands the importance of SHECS.

It starts with our core values. These core values are far more than a list on the wall; they are how we run the Company. At Sims, we have a clear “line of sight” between our core values and SHECS commitments right down to the day-to-day operations at our sites globally.

Our Core Values

The true driver of the success of the Company’s five-year strategic plan which we instituted in 2013 lies in the renewed culture that the Company is creating, built around its core values of Safety, Integrity, Respect, Transparency, Excellence, and Social Responsibility. The Company’s culture and core values are what bind its employees together, across regions and responsibilities, and helps drive the Company toward the ambitious goals of its five-year plan. These core values determine who the Company is and are the foundation of everything the Company does; they set the standard for the way the Company interacts with its employees, customers, communities and all stakeholders.

SHECS Management System

Global SHECS Policies

We embed our Board of Directors and Corporate SHECS commitments via unambiguous global SHECS policies. Our Global SHECS policies are listed below:

Safety and Health Policy

Energy and Carbon Emissions Policy

Biodiversity Policy

Community Policy

Environment Policy