Year to Year Improvement

While we are proud of our track record of sustainability leadership, we are continually raising the bar to do even better. Our performance data demonstrates consistent improvements year-on-year, not only in safety, but also in our key environmental impact areas: energy, waste and water.

The true driver of our success lies in continually renewing our culture, built around our core values of safety, integrity, respect, transparency, excellence, and social responsibility.

Sustainability Governance Organization

The key elements of our sustainability governance structure includes formal SHECS Committee and Executive Leadership Team (ELT) meetings. This reporting structure provides extensive formal and informal communication.

Operationally, we incorporate sustainability and safety governance as key issues in:

  • Weekly Operations Calls
  • Quarterly Executive Leadership Team Meetings
  • Sustainability Council
  • Town Hall Meetings

Internal audits, facilitated by our SHECS directors and an assurance letter process signed by our plant managers, ensure a day-to-day commitment to global policies and best practices.

2020 Sustainability Goals

At Sims Metal Management, we are proud of our long positive record of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Having exceeded our 2009 long-term sustainability goals, we have recently embarked on a new set of 2020 sustainability goals. We continue to improve our performance on a variety of key sustainability metrics and remain committed to be a global leader in sustainability.

As the world comes to grips with climate change and the challenges of an increasing population, pressure on resources will not only continue, but escalate. This presents an even stronger business case for the emerging ‘circular economy’ in general – and, in particular, our Company’s place in it. We are already well-established as one of the worlds’ leading recyclers and will continue to add to this platform with innovation and growth.