We set our first set of long-term sustainability goals back in 2009 – aggressive targets for energy, water and waste reduction. As 2015 approached, we had exceeded those goals and set a new round of 2020 goals –based on a 2014 baseline. The focus of these goals is on the Company’s most material environmental and societal impacts: petroleum use, electricity, water and waste. The 2020 goals were approved by our Board in late 2015.

The new 2020 targets include a 10% reduction in fuel consumption (Scope 1), a 10% reduction in consumption of electricity, and a move towards 5% renewable energy (Scope 2). Other targets include a 10% reduction in water consumption, a 10% reduction in waste generation, and a 100% ban on the idling of mobile equipment in our yards. We have established annual targets, and will report on our progress annually.