Over one-hundred years ago in 1917, in the growing city of Sydney, Australia, Albert G. Sims started a small recycling business. Through determination and hard work, the process of collecting material by bicycle soon graduated to horse and cart, which then gave way to motor vehicles and mechanized equipment. By the late 1930’s the company known as Albert G. Sims Limited had metals recycling operations across Australia.

By 1948 Albert G. Sims had listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, fresh with capital and eyes on greater aspirations beyond the shores of Australia.

The seeds of Sims’ current global leading trading operations were planted as early as the 1950’s. In 1956, the Company chartered the MV “Swan Hill”, exporting the first cargo of steel scrap to Japan. By the end of the 1960’s, Sims’ overseas ferrous scrap markets had expanded to include Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

By the late 1980’s, Sims entered the US with the acquisition of LMC Corporation based in San Francisco, and has not looked back since. Expansion in North America which followed included the Richmond Steel Recycling Joint Venture in 1996, the merger with Hugo Neu in 2005, the formation of the Sims Adams Recycling Joint Venture in 2007, and the merger with Metal Management in 2008.

In the United Kingdom, the Company established itself in 1995 with the formation of Sims Bird Limited, which was followed by the acquisition of McIntyre Metals in 1996, Philips Services in 2000, and Dunn Brothers in 2011.

Yet the full international scope of the business was realized with the creation of Sims Recycling Solutions in 2002, known today as Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS). Through organic expansion, investment and key acquisitions across the globe in countries such as the UK, Netherlands, Germany, India, Dubai, Singapore, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand means SLS has true global scale.

Today Sims Metal Management is the world’s leading listed metals and electronics recycler, as well as an emerging player in the Municipal Recycling and Renewable Energy industry.