At Sims Metal Management, we have been reporting on our sustainability activities, commitments and performance since before 2000.

Integrated Reporting

Sims has always been a strong proponent of “integrated reporting” – ensuring that our annual report, while fulfilling a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders, also serves as a broader “report to society” about the role that Sims plays in the world and the relevance of its activities. In 2000, Sims commenced detailed reporting on environmental stewardship, social responsibility and other dimensions of sustainability – including robust corporate governance.

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Sustainability Reports


While we are continuing our integrated reporting, we recognized that a growing number of our stakeholders wanted more information about our sustainability initiatives. Thus, we instituted a separate Sustainability Report in 2015.

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Global Reporting Initiative

Sims is a supporter of standardized sustainability reporting guidelines in general – and of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in particular. We include a table inside the back cover of this report cross-referencing key GRI-G4 indicators aligned with our Materiality Assessment, showing where in this report those topics are discussed.

Sustainability Report 2016


Annually, we publish a Sustainability Report which tracks our progress in meeting sustainability goals. This 32 page document describes:

    • Governance, Organizational Profile and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Ethics and Integrity
    • Materiality
    • Environmental
    • Social - Labor Practices, Decent Work, Society