We set our first set of long-term sustainability goals back in 2009 – aggressive targets for energy, water and waste reduction. As 2015 approached, we had exceeded those goals and set a new round of 2020 goals –based on a 2014 baseline. The focus of these goals is on the Company’s most material environmental and societal impacts: petroleum use, electricity, water and waste. The 2020 goals were approved by our Board in late 2015.

The new 2020 targets include a 10% reduction in fuel consumption (Scope 1), a 10% reduction in consumption of electricity, and a move towards 5% renewable energy (Scope 2). Other targets include a 15% reduction in water consumption, a 10% reduction in waste generation, and a 100% ban on the idling of mobile equipment in our yards. We have established annual targets, and will report on our progress annually.

2020 Sustainability Goals



Sustainability Report 2017


Annually, we publish a Sustainability Report which tracks our progress in meeting sustainability goals. This 40 page document describes:

    • Governance, Organizational Profile and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Ethics and Integrity
    • Materiality
    • Environmental
    • Social - Labor Practices, Decent Work, Society