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Chris Arriola


Yard Supervisor

I joined SMM because I really enjoy the day-to-day problem solving that is involved in this business and I wanted to be part of the recycling industry. What I have enjoyed the most at SMM has been my ability to thoroughly learn this business using a “hands on” learning approach. I have also found the relationships I have developed with my co-workers to be sustaining and motivating. A career in the scrap metal industry can be exciting and gratifying. If you feel this is a career path you are interested in pursuing, you will not find a better company for which to work. No other company compares to SMM’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees.

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Senior Accountant
Finance – Accounting

I had just finished my AA degree at college when I was recruited into the company through a campus interview. I was impressed with the opportunities that were presented to me and I realized that I would have a chance to get into my desired field – accounting. I have been with the company more than sixteen years and have worked my way up to my current role. The company even sent me back to school to get my BS degree. I was rewarded for the good job I had done. In the meantime, I learned a lot, interfaced with wonderful people and grew in my role. The most rewarding part of my SMM experience has been their acknowledgement of my capabilities and my potential. I have received recognition for what I have done and at the same time the company has shown faith in me. They have pushed me to reach my potential and thrown more responsibility my way. In addition, I have met and worked with the most wonderful people and built many great relationships. Usually, when you work for a large company, you get lost in the shuffle. That is not the case with Sims MM. If you work hard at your job and put forth the effort, have pride and integrity in what you do, focus on what you need to do to succeed, and show the company what you can do – you will advance.

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Logistics Manager

I started with SMM as a receptionist in 1998 and was going to school at night. In the first three years, I was promoted three times and was trained to work in many new areas. What makes me happy is getting up every morning and knowing that when I go to work, I am doing something good for our environment and future generations. Our recent merger between two great companies has made us the strongest company in the industry. SMM is a fabulous company who is the market leader in recycling. They have incredibly talented people. If you come to SMM and work hard, anything is possible.

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Transportation Manager

One day I was ready to do something totally different in my career and a friend informed me of an opening at SMM. I took the opportunity and I have never looked back! The most rewarding part of my job is learning about the process of recycling, and interacting with the many people I work with. There are so many wonderful, hard-working people with great knowledge in the scrap industry that work at SMM. It has been my pleasure working with them, and I consider them my family. If you are considering a career at SMM, come on board! This industry is one of a kind. It is a good feeling to know we are part of keeping this world clean.

Life at Sims - Josh


Commercial Manager - Illiniois and Indiana, USA
Commercial Scrap Buying

Before SMM, I worked for another company that did not fulfill my wants and needs in a career opportunity. So I took a chance and I applied for my current job. Once I was hired and started working, the job turned out to be more intriguing than I ever imagined. The interaction with the people in the company and the customers has been great. In the scrap buying sector, it is all about finding and closing deals. Every month there is a new market so I often see new things. It is rewarding to see the company grow; during the five years I have been here, I have seen many changes that have made our company bigger and stronger. Hard work is necessary to be successful. When you look at it from afar, SMM isn’t a glamorous business, but once you are within the company you will see how our business reflects what is happening in different aspects of the national and global economies. We all rely on others to get the job done and to be successful.

Justin Giles


Karratha Area Manager

My reasons for joining Sims are varied. Firstly, and most importantly, I was looking for a position with which I would continue to be challenged daily and where no two days are the same. Secondly, the chance to work for such a solid and successful market leader where hard work would be rewarded was also appealing. I think, to date, the most rewarding part for me would be that I successfully completed the cadet program and have since been entrusted with the position of Area Manager in the Nth West. To those who are considering a career with SimsMM I would say, “Go for it”. The opportunities are plentiful and hard work and determination is rewarded. To be quite honest, I never thought of a career in the scrap metal industry, but now that I have one it is one of the best moves I have made. I hope to be with SimsMM for a very long time.

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Assistant Accountant
Financial Services

I joined Sims to gain experience working for a large, well established business. I wanted to work within a corporate head office and be part of a financial services team that deals with large volumes and values, and plays a critical part in the performance of the business. The Sims network is large both here in Sydney and nationally, which can be daunting, but everyone is incredibly nice and supportive. There is always someone willing to show you anything you need to know. You are treated as a valuable member of the staff, which comes from the training and relationships in which everyone is involved. It made the transition from being the new person to a key part of the team very smooth. The most rewarding part of my SimsMM experience is the development of my depth of knowledge, which will continue to evolve. The “hands on” experience of working alongside Financial Services has given me a thorough understanding of how Sims works operationally. The advice that I would give to someone who is considering a career with SimsMM is to go for it. It’s a great place to work. Not only is it rewarding and interesting, but there is also plenty of career and personal opportunities within the business to keep you motivated. There’s a great culture within the business that encourages a strong work ethic.

MArk F

Mark F.

Sustainability and CIC

I came to SMM nearly two years ago with the Summer Intern Program. I joined the company because the industry is fascinating and has nothing to do but grow and increase. I was recommended for the job by a former employee who thought I might find the work here interesting, challenging and rewarding. He was right! The people at SMM have provided the greatest part of my experience. I am working with the most experienced people in the industry. They are extremely helpful to someone like me who is curious and eager to learn. The advice I would give for someone who is considering a career at SMM is to ask questions and get involved. There is no better resource than the people who have been here for years.

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Mark J.

Manager Tasmania

What attracted me to the Sims graduate program was the ability to learn the business from the ground level. This has allowed me to learn about the core process of the business and build on this with every position change. The most rewarding part of my SimsMM experience is to have the respect of my peers, employees and my customers, and to have gotten to where I am relatively quickly. Going for a career with SimsMM through the graduate program will mean that you will have to be patient because it takes a long term outlook on your career. Eighteen months in the program is not a long time to spend grounding yourself in an organization, and it really is worth it as the company does help you grow as a person and an employee.