A diverse workforce and geographic footprint

Diverse workforce

As a company with a diverse geographic footprint, we believe that diversity should also be reflected in our workforce. With more than 4,900 people with positions ranging from crane operator to accounts payable coordinator to shredder operator, Sims Metal Management is committed to the communities in which we locate, supporting our diversity in our operations at the more than 200 communities in which we have facilities.

Our employees’ skills, dedication and pursuit of excellence, together with the cultural and social diversity they represent, are key components in the performance culture that has served the Company well over many years and which continues to make it stand out among its peers.

Close to 70 percent of our workforce is employed directly in production and, while gender equality and its promotion are priorities for Sims Metal Management, allowances must be made for the undeniable physical nature of this work, which presents an ongoing challenge in attracting female staff to yard positions. However, SMM is pleased to report that there has been an over 17 percent increase in female employees since 2009.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Sims Metal Management aims to create an inclusive working environment where people from all backgrounds have the same opportunity to contribute and advance on merit. We make a priority of equal opportunity and diversity in our human resources processes.